ABout the issues

Review my position, let me know yours. I'll listen to you.

Corruption ("The Swamp")

We must clean our house first, then Congress.

It has become clear that many elected officials sell out to special interets that are not the interests of the people of the District. If they were, we would have better paying jobs; efficient infrastructure (high speed internet in all the District for example); and less poverty (36% live at or under the poverty line in the District).


All this is caused by corruption. Local officials as well as local party officials operating in the interest of those that fund them instead of the people. 


It stops now. No patience for the corrupt, no tolerance for their disloyalty.


Ed Justo is already fighting this corruption locally, "draining the swamp" at home first. And if elected he will do the same in Congress, efficiently, and constantly.


Social Media should be held responsible for failing to report early warnings, and facilitating terrorist propaganda.

We cannot let more terrorists, mass-shooters, and crazy violent people, get their wish.


We must spend on technology to block, alter, and eliminate terrorist propaganda that facilitates recruitment and promotes their agenda.


We must force social media to seek and report warnings of violence or notices of attacks, like those of the Valentine Shooting in FL. Like those in school shootings.


And the companies that fail to report these incidents should be held liable as well. If you see a person with a Bomb walking around, you call police. If social media detects a posting saying "I will shoot at my school and kill them all" it should report it as well. 


Vote for Ed Justo.

Medical Insurance

Lets work with the cards dealt, and improve it to fit our needs.

Clearly, we must make medical insurance affordable again. But, we must also make sure that no person or company can abuse the system as well. We must make medical insurance affordable without punishing people or raising taxes. There are many ways to do this without increasing the costs for either people or business. 


Vote Ed Justo, he read the ACA and knows what to do.

About more issues

Relevant to you. Important to all of us.

Gun Rights

You can keep your guns, just keep being responsible with them.

I see no reason to change a Constitutional right. Your rights end when the other person's rights begin; and the rights of both are important and must be protected. 


We must review our laws to prevent evil people (such as those on the "no fly" list) from getting guns legally.

Let's change that. 

Security and safety

We need better, well funded law enforcement.

We need more law enforcement to combat crime, and prevent terrorism. 


Why do we give around 70 million dollars to each country in Central America when we have only a handful of State Troopers in our District. Some areas barely have funds for their Sheriff, others have no police departments.


Spend on ours first! Vote for Ed for more funds to Police and Law Enforcement.



If we are going to use the money, lets use it here first.

Social Security/Welfare

Also called "entitlement" programs

Most of the money collected in taxes is spent on these items, and we have to manage it wisely and efficiently.

One of the problems of the SS and Welfare system is that once the person knows the rules, they can play with them to abuse the system.


We must integrate the welfare system so that those in it cannot play the system. 

I would support better management of the social welfare services to reduce abuses to the system, which in turn will mean a reduction in costs. Better management of the services and the money.


[notice that this page was made in January, and Congressmen have viewed it; and now in the House floor there is a resolution to do what I suggested here]

what needs to be done

Changes that no one has made, and should have.

I will read each law before signing for it.

Many in Congress do not read what they vote for. No more.

It is clear Congressmen vote based on the name of the law, but don't read the whole resolution. 


It is also clear that the favorite candidates, all two of them, have not read ANY federal law or resolution. They just patronize telling you keywords you want to hear.


No more!


I, Ed Justo,  will read the whole resolution, and tell you what is wrong with it. Hear your opinion and take it to Congress. You can go to my facebook.com/edgop6district and see how I have done this.

Repair Immigration Law

No Amnesty. But a solution we all can live with.

We must repair the immigration laws, so as to not punish those that were dragged as children into US; but not grant amnesty to those that entered illegally as adults.


There are ways to do this, and still pay for "the wall" as well.

I would suggest a minor change, and the reactivation, of a dormant law. This will satisfy both sides of the argument and not grant amnesty to any adult that entered illegally. And the fine included in the law will cover the cost of the wall.

Lets solve this. 

I Will Listen to YOU

What every Representative should have done, but doesn't.

It is clear that for years the people of the Sixth District have been ignored. Their opinions dismissed. No more!


If elected, I will ask you about your issues. I will contact you to ask your opinion on laws. I will explain to you what is happening in Congress, so you can tell me what your opinion is.

I will do what Representatives should have been doing all along: I will listen to you. 

I will listen to you, contact me

Ed Justo, or Eduardo F Justo
Born on 07/28/1973 from Italian and Spaniard-Peruvian parents. Resided in Puerto Rico where he went to college and studied law at the Interamerican University Law School (ABA certified). Took Comparative Constitutional Studies and International Biotechnology Regulations specialized courses at St Mary Magdalen in the University of Oxford, UK.
After law school moved to Los Angeles CA where he worked under contracts for various law offices and legal departments of multinational corporations. He was not fond of the culture, and work ethic, of the city as a whole; although met great people in his time there.
Moved to Virginia around 2003, where he settled in Harrisonburg where he had family. Before opening a law office, he created a curriculum for the city to educate immigrant communities in the laws of US. This curriculum was an attempt to reduce the rate of misdemeanors by immigrant communities; due to the inevitable disparity on laws among nations.
Many of the immigrants intended as a target demographic were deposited in the area by Refugee Resettlement Programs, funded with Federal Funds, that failed at doing the task themselves. Task they received funding for, but unsupervised, failed to perform. He jumped to the opportunity to fill that void.
His law office opened in August of 2005, and is open since. His office represents victims of domestic violence at no charge.  The office focuses on customs and immigration law, but performs on other federal areas of the law as well, upon request of clients. Areas such as non-for profit creation, EPA compliance, copyright and trademark, and others. Currently reviewing Security and Exchange Commission laws, just because.
He also has a publishing company, which owns 1 phone application that was briefly successful in Asia and has published two books. The company opened around 2011 and it is currently operating in the creation of a new application. This company also caters to foreign language newspapers and media,  providing article/columns and information for their publications. 
Personally, has volunteered at many things throughout his life. While in college volunteered for abandoned kids that showed AIDS symptoms in the late 90's with a Catholic church organization in PR. Then volunteered briefly to teach math at juvenile correctional facilities. Currently, he is a frequent financial donor for daily-care organizations for individuals with mental disabilities. Has been at the Board of at least one Church, and various minor corporations such as soccer leagues.
Keeps no records of awards received; and avoids events where such decorations are offered to him. Reads laws as well as congressional and administrative records almost daily. Enjoys local wines and beers, considering Virginia's Viognier the best wine. Likes most game, although doesn't hunt. Fastidiously thorough on all things he does. Speaks perfect English and Spanish, good Italian and some French.
Hope this satisfies the curiosity of those inquiring.
Ed Justo

Ed Justo for VA 6th District
57South Main St 304

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Phone: 5404356617 5404356617

E-mail: ed@edjusto.com

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